Terms & Conditions

To discuss a fee structure that is right for you please contact us NOW.

Should a candidate referred by Hospitality Now be employed, then fees are payable, based on a candidate’s annual remuneration. No fees are levied on fringe benefits provided.

Hospitality Now is to be notified immediately the candidate is offered a position.

Upon commencement of employment 100% of the projected fee will be invoiced and paid with 14 days.

General advertising costs, telephone charges and associated costs are the responsibility of Hospitality Now.

Certain additional expenses associated with an assignment may be chargeable at cost, but are not incurred without the Client’s prior agreement. These may include specific advertising, travel and accommodation for the client or applicant attending interviews or courier charges.

Cancellation of an Assignment
Should no applicant referred by Hospitality Now be appointed to your position, no selection fee is charged.

All information received is considered confidential and used only upon instruction to assist in the recruitment process.

Replacement Service
A no-cost replacement service is provided for up to three months covering all appointments with wage/ salaries in excess of $40,000. This means that where a person has been appointed through our services and that person’s employment is terminated within three months of commencement, for whatever reason (excluding redundancy) we will endeavour to provide a replacement at no charge.

This service is only valid if the invoice has been paid within the agreed timeframe.

We will continue to monitor the progress of the candidate for the duration of this period to ensure the satisfaction of both parties.

If the replacement is not required for any reason then the original fee is not refundable and if unpaid, remains due and payable.

General Conditions
A candidate presented verbally or in writing will remain a candidate of Hospitality Now for a period of twelve months from the date of initial introduction. Should any candidate be employed at a later date within this period either directly or indirectly in a temporary or permanent position within the Employers organisation or one of its subsidiaries or third party you may refer the candidate to, the standard fee becomes due and payable by you.

Hospitality Now offers candidates for employment consideration and does not take responsibility in any way whatsoever for the decision to employ any candidate or for the consequences of that decision.

Hospitality Now takes all care but does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by candidates. Where practicable we obtain references from past employers but we request that you also satisfy yourself as to the candidates qualifications, capabilities, integrity and suitability to your job specification. We do not carry medical examination, nor do we ask candidates about their medical history or condition, apart from their general state of health.

Hospitality Now will not be bound by any “trial periods” or similar arrangements you may make with the appointee. This means that ‘trial period’ salaries will not be accepted as annual remuneration for fee purposes and that delays in invoicing or fee payment for “trial periods” will not be accepted.

The interview and/or employment of any candidate presented by Hospitality Now verbally or in writing, in the absence of any other written agreement, is deemed to constitute acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

Any variation to these stated terms of business is void unless Hospitality Now has expressly agreed to it in writing.

This schedule is effective from 1 January, 2016 and is subject to alteration without notice.

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