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As recruiters there is nothing more frustrating than reading resumes that are poorly designed and poorly scripted. On average you have less than twenty seconds to entice the reader to explore your employment background further.

Your resume is selling YOU and it is your personal advertisement, sharing your career history with prospective employers showing them what you can bring to their business. From this they will decide whether or not you are potentially the right person for their company. Ultimately you want the employer to be drawn into your resume and read in greater detail your work history.

Once you have gained the attention of the employer your work history must be clearly laid out so that the potential employer can make a more informed decision about your potential fit in their organisation.

Your success from this resume screening stage will be determined by the quality of your resume compared with other competing resumes. You need your resume to make a lasting impression. Don’t give them the chance to move on to the next candidate, your aim is to make yourself THE obvious choice.

Interestingly at this stage the potential employer has not yet created a short list to be interviewed but already the potential employer is forming a picture of you in terms of your abilities and suitability for their organisation.

This mental picture of you has been formed by spending less than one minute looking at you resume.

Will your resume get past the twenty-second barrier and then the one-minute barrier?

Hospitality NOW offers a resume development service that will give you the best opportunity to get past these barriers. To give our application the most impact we customise the resume to the position you are applying for. We also develop clear and concise cover letters that add depth to your application. Contact us to discuss the service and one of our team will talk to you about developing that winning resume.

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