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NOW more than ever career paths exist in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. Have you ever heard those stories of General Managers who started their careers as a kitchen steward or waiter and gradually worked their way up the ladder to where they are today? Well there are many of these stories and they are all a result of excellent career planning, advice and motivation.

These people have not left their career advancement to chance, they have planned it. But how can you plan career advancement, you can’t promote yourself can you! There are some key attributes that you will find in the majority of people who seem to advance their careers quicker than most. Some of these are:

  • Perform their current position to their full ability
  • Make it known to key people in the organisation when they achieve a set goal
  • Take on extra roles with no monetary reward
  • Have a clear direction of the path to the next role
  • Do not hesitate in asking questions to develop their skills within their current role
  • Undertake additional study

Hospitality NOW draws on key team members with extensive operational background in career planning and people logistics within large organisations to deliver career development plans that will give you the best opportunity of gaining that ideal role.

If its advice on your current career plan or assistance in developing a detailed career plan that you need contact Hospitality NOW.

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